Services Fees Description
Account Opening $0 The minimum term of the account is 8 months
The minimum deposit $1,000 For personal accounts
$5,000 For corporate accounts
Compliance of documents $0 For personal and corporate accounts
Rebalancing of account $10 per month The commission is automatically deducted from the account at the end of the month
Reports on request $50 On request only
Management fee 5,3% of profit Paid at withdrawal
Strategies reconciliation $6 per month Per one strategy
$10 per month Per two strategies
$14 per month Per three strategies
All online options trades $0 per trade
$0 per Contract
Change Bitcoin/USD
0,5% of deposit The change is made under the market rate
Withdrawal in Bitcoins 0% You may withdraw all your profits accrued in USD in Bitcoins to your BTC wallet
Withdrawal to MasterCard 1,5% of wired amount Withdrawals in USD
Withdrawal to bank account $47 per wire Withdrawals in USD


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